Shenstone School Curriculum

Pupils at Shenstone School have access to a broad and balanced curriculum in three phases: Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.  In the EYFS we follow the EYFS Framework and across both Key Stages we have developed our own “Shenstone School Curriculum”.

The Shenstone School Curriculum has the National Curriculum as a starting point and then differentiates to the individualised learning needs of our pupils to a holistic topic based, multi-sensory curriculum.  

At Shenstone School, we have a high staff: pupil ratio; specialist staff expertise; engagement from multi-agency teams and differentiated or individual programmes.  This enables our pupils to achieve their potential in a supportive environment where a “total communication” approach is key.  Each pupil works at an appropriate level according to their ability and within any subject area there is always a strong emphasis on the development of communication, literacy, and numeracy skills.  
Our Shenstone School Values are at the forefront of our curriculum delivery and compliment the British Values. Great emphasis is placed on the development of social and inter-personal skills.