Physical Development

5-a-day, pupils will be familiar with these as we use them in school and you need no equipment. There are free videos on Youtube. Fun for all the family!

Cosmic Kids Yoga, engaging yoga videos.

Dave , Inspire Sports. Who needs Joe Wicks when you have Dave doing his fitness sessions! Dave is a firm favourite with all the children at Shenstone. Follow the link to do Dave’s exercise class at home (Shenstone 1) (Shenstone 2 added 10/4/20)


Learning Station

Although this is an American site, it has some really great action songs, some of which can be used as body awareness activities. Once again, here are a few of our favourites…….

(Tony Chestnut)

(Shake Your Sillies Out)

(Dr Knickerbocker)

HELPFUL HINT: Turn these activities into body awareness fun by tapping/moving/wiggling the relevant part of your child’s body when it is mentioned if they cannot do it for themselves. If the song says ‘jump’, tap/wiggle their feet or use it as an opportunity to do some of their physio exercises (if relevant) with that part of their body.