Tulips Class

Class Name: Tulips

Class Teacher: Nadia

Term:  1 

Date Completed: December 2018

Topic this term: Celebrations


We have been learning about different celebrations in general, different cultures and religions.

As a class, we have experienced, learnt, and explored. We have practiced our mark making skills to make different marks in relation to our theme. We have had regular multi-sensory phonics by putting alphabet letters in different materials and using pinchers to take out alphabet letters to improve fine motor skills. We have had a weekly attention group to help us focus on individual attention and imagination. We have also used Numicon in different materials: jelly, foam cookie dough & making prints in paint, using stubby markers to make marks and count numicon holes. We also did measuring and exploring of different materials to make a birthday cake. We also explored and made some fireworks using different materials. We especially enjoyed popping balloons with paint in them. This term Tulip class had lots of fun exploring our new class!  We are excited for our next term, which will bring more adventures!

Topic next term: Transport

We have a range of exciting activities planned both indoor and outdoor. 

Please do not forget to send in any WOW moments from home, we will add these into your child’s learning journey.  If you need more wow stars, just ask!

Happy festive break from Tulip Class.

Shenstone Stepping Stones 

As a school we have created a new assessment system called Shenstone Stepping Stones. Learning journeys are being put together to highlight and celebrate the progress that your child has made. This information will be shared with you on this newsletter in the Spring term.