Holly Class

Class Name: HOLLY

Class Teacher: LISA STARLEY

Term: SUMMER 2018

Date Completed: 19 / 04 / 2018

General Class info/introduction: 

This term the children of Holly Class will be covering activities associated with the topic “Through the Keyhole” and will be looking at a variety of plants and animals and different environments. We hope to be visiting local facilities such as the pet shop, Hall Place and Marten’s Grove as well as exploring our school grounds for mini beasts.

What we have been learning about this term: 

The children of Holly Class enjoyed the activities associated with last terms topic “Sunshine and Showers” – experiencing weather conditions first hand and were lucky enough to enjoy some snow play. On our walks to Marten’s Grove we found lots of muddy puddles to splash in and discovered that the hills and slopes became very slippery in the wet.

Our art work covered Seasonal Changes and the children participated in making interpretational collages using different media to represent the different seasons.

We also touched on new life and growth and some of the children were very interested in seeing the chicks hatch.

The topic also covered “Everyday Materials” and the children went on material hunts around school. We hope to cover more of that this term when we go on our walks out.

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