Fir Class

Class Name: Fir

Class Teacher: Evelyn Kennett

Term: Summer

Date Completed: 27 March 2018

General Class info/introduction: perhaps include ‘our topic for the term is’

Fir class have just completed the ‘Property Matters’ topic which has included exploring the changes in materials.  They have explored noodles changing form from hard to soft when added to water and pastry going from soft and malleable to hard crispy when cooked.  They have also been exploring growth and change, they have planted pumpkin seeds we kept from our Harvest Festival and they are just starting to grow.  The pupils have finished this term looking at growth in plants, made and decorated daffodils and performed as growing daffodils in the end of term Easter Assembly. 

This leads nicely onto our coming Summer topic ‘Animal Magic’ where we will be learning about animals and their life cycles. The class were very excited to have some ‘Living Eggs’ come into school. The Chicken eggs came ready to hatch in an incubator and we watched them hatch and turn into chicks. Everyone enjoyed seeing the chicks and learning how to look after them. 

In Fir class, we use many sensory activities to support learning.  The pupils enjoy our ‘more please’ sessions where they use their form of communication to ask for items, usually the more messy the better.  We have daily Attention Autism sessions, which expands the student’s length of concentration and strengthens their understanding of anticipation and what comes next.  We also have a range of practical activities that the pupils complete that works on their independence skills and helps them recognise achievement.    

The 2 favourite activities of Fir class are going out to the park in the local community and swimming in the school hydro pool. 

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