Beech Class

Class Name: Beech

Class Teacher: Emma

Term:  1 

Date Completed: December 2018

Topic this term: Fun with Food

We have been learning about different kinds of food, how different foods look, taste and feel. As a class, we have experienced mixing, cooking and tasting a variety of foods. We have our hands and feet to explore, switches to operate a mixer and photos / symbols to choose ingredients. We learnt about our likes and dislikes and about healthy and unhealthy foods. We have also incorporated our 'Fun with Food' topics into our morning sessions including colour matching a variety of foods (Maths) and taking part in interactive sensory stories relating to food such as 'The Enormous Turnip' (Literacy). One of our favourite activities (and the messiest by far!) was making 'Autumn Leaf Sandwiches' using ingredients such as, twigs, leaves and mud!


Topic next term: Circle of Life

We have a range of exciting activities planned both indoor and outdoor. 

As part of our topic we will be creating a family tree for each of the children. We would be really grateful if you could send in labelled pictures of all immediate family members as well as some pictures of your child from when they were a baby up to now. Thank you!

Please do not forget to send in any WOW moments from home, we will add these into your child’s learning journey. If you need more wow stars, just ask!

Happy Christmas from all in Beech Class!

Shenstone Stepping Stones 

As a school we have created a new assessment system called Shenstone Stepping Stones. Learning journeys are being put together to highlight and celebrate the progress that your child has made. This information will be shared with you on this newsletter in the Spring term.