Beech Class

Class Name: Beech

Class Teacher: Emma

Term: Summer 1

Date Completed: 16 / 04 / 18

General Class info/introduction:

It is hard to believe that we are over half way through the school year. All the children are settled and working hard and we have seen some great progress over the past couple of months. Over the coming term, our topic will be ‘It’s Alive!’. During the topic, we will be looking at the life cycle of animals and plants and what they both need to grow, including continuing with our hugely successful Pet Therapy sessions which have been a roaring success this term! We will also be looking at plants and animals in art, exploring textures of natural objects and media, including making choices as to which we like and which we don’t like. Within our history module, ‘Changes Within Living Memory’, we will be learning about a particular era, perhaps the Rock ‘n’ Roll 50’s or the roaring 20’s – Lots of fun to be had with dressing up activities, messy play, cooking etc! In Geography we will be exploring the school grounds including the relatively new ‘mud kitchen’ and the new hut in our playground which we hope to decorate once it has been built, visiting other classes, and also the wider community, shops, parks, town centre etc.

What we have been learning about this term:

The Spring term in Beech Class was busy and we had a lot of fun! Here are some of the things the children have been up to……

In February we all took part in ‘Arts Week’. We looked at 2 artists, Lucien Rudaux (famous for his ‘space scapes’) and Ben Cort (Illustrator of ‘Aliens Love Underpants’). Many of our parents came in and joined us for a sensory story and some fun art activities. It was a bit messy to say the least!

Also in February we entered the Young Art In Bexley competition and our ‘Jolly Jellies’ pictures were highly commended! A huge well done to all the children who had a piece of work entered in the competition.

Later on in the term, some of us went To Crayford library with some of our friends in Oak Class. We had great fun having a story read to us by Nina Martinez from Bag Books!

In March, we had World Book Day. It was lots of fun and another opportunity to explore fancy dress and do some story-based learning. Many of the children (and of course the staff!!) dressed up. We had everyone from the scarecrow from Wizard of Oz to Cruella Deville!

Of course, the highlight of our term was Easter. We made papier maché golden eggs and cooked hot cross buns. We also all enjoyed meeting the chicks that hatched at school. We had the chance to hold and stroke them and watch what they were up to. Our Easter celebrations also included our RE day during which created a sensory version of the Easter story. The children explored having their feet washed (in a foot spa!), waving palm leaves, and sharing food together.

Across the term, we have continued to work on our physical development. All the children have done really well with their own targets and made great progress. Some have begun to stand with more confidence, some have been able to float independently in the pool and some have begun to use new equipment to support them with their physical skills.

Really good websites:

Just a quick reminder about the fact that you can often get adapted equipment / toys / clothes etc at a much more reasonable price than from ‘special needs’ company websites. (A word of caution in that you do need to ensure that anything you buy is as robust and of the same quality)

Outings: We didn’t manage an outing last term, much of it due to the weather but we hope to change that this term and get to the zoo or the beach before the summer holidays arrive!

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