Willow Class

Class Name : Willow

Term : Summer 2018

(reviewing Spring 2018)

Date Completed : April 2018

We had a great start to the year with our new Science based topic “Switched On Buzzed Off” alongside working towards the new school arts award based on the theme of “The Sun”. In science, we looked at sources of light and went around the school turning off and then on again all the light switches we could find. The class also particularly liked the lessons on shadows and making shadows, pictures and dancing to music whilst creating shadows. We made circuits to make a bulb light up or a buzzer sound which was really noisy! The geography part of the topic involved looking at renewable electricity and we went out on the bus finding solar panels, the power station, pylons and wind turbines. We made lots of sun related art and craft works linking to the arts award and also looked at artists with famous sun paintings and recreated our own sun versions. In Open Week we welcomed parents to join in for some art lessons and other lessons. The children were really happy to have their families join them for lessons.

Our English and Maths lessons continue on a daily basis and all the children are working well towards their IEP targets and end of year P Level targets. The lessons have a focus of communication, reading or writing in English and in Maths the lessons have a daily focus of number, geometry, measures and problem solving.

Activity Time is continued to be enjoyed by all with Music in class on a Monday (this term was adding sounds to musical stories and then listening and appraising to pieces of classical music and music from other cultures). On Tuesday and Wednesday we do basket ball and tag rugby or class based activities and these are great fun and very energetic. On Thursday we go into the hall for a penathlon of different sports based to throwing and aiming at targets. Friday is Football Club run by Charlton or class based activities.

Last term in PE we did Games and concentrated on using the resources to throw, hit, kick and aim at targets. In RE we covered the concept of The Trinity where God is three things, The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit and then the Easter story.

We are now well rested after the Easter holidays and are looking forward to a great summer term with our topic “What’s To Eat?” (food and plants based) as well as an overnight school journey to an activity centre for all of the Year 6 pupils in the school. Finally for the Year 6 pupils, this coming term of course there is the excitement of the transition to secondary schools and visiting the new schools. It will be a very busy term!!!

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