General - Children can count the amount of toys they have in a box or order toys into size order from smallest to biggest.  Look for different numbers around the house as a family and ask children if they recognise the numbers verbally, through sign or PECS. 

Water play – Grab some toy ducks or fishes put them in a washing up bowl/the bath etc. Explore counting how many of each animal you have as you place them into the water. Some children might explore adding one more/taking one away – how many do we have now? Can the children follow instructions to find the red/blue fish/duck etc. Encourage the children to explore emptying and filling.

Counting steps from one area of house to another or when going up stairs.

Shape ocean scene Cut out lots of shapes from different coloured paper/newspaper/old magazines. Encourage your children to explore the shapes and can they find the shape by name? work together to name the shapes. Then use the shapes to make fish – one oval and 8 rectangles make a great octopus, or you can invent some interesting fish shapes.

Making shapes using blocks or any objects that you own

Copying repeated patterns using cutlery, food items, utensils etc. (knife/fork/knife/fork/what’s next?)

Use timer to count actions, ‘how many times can we jump up/down in 20 seconds’

Sorting socks into colours

Build towers or make models- Using 'junk' from the recycling box, children can have a go at taping items together to make models or building towers with boxes and packaging then knocking them down. 

Number Rhymes and songs Children to listen and join in with songs and rhymes with adults such as: ‘5 little ducks, 5 currant buns, 1,2,3,4,5 once I caught a fish alive…..’.  there are lots or counting songs and shape songs on youtube

5 little ducks

5 little monkeys

Shape song swingalong

Top Marks has interactive games that are accessible on the ipad. The most suitable games are in the maths Early Years counting sections.