Sunflower Class

Class Name:  Sunflower

Class Teacher: Carolyn

Term:  2

Date Completed: April 2019

Topic this term: Sunshine and Showers

Our topic this term has been Sunshine and Showers. We have been learning about all different types of weather.

As a class we have had lots of fun doing a variety of weather based activities. We have explored and investigated ice, water, wind and sunshine. We painted with ice and investigated what made ice melt. We made some winter collages of all things icy and looked at the clothes we need to wear in different types of weather. We made our own weather vanes and then made some lovely shiny suns and also rainbows. Our classroom looks beautiful with all of the children’s hard work on display

Topic next term: It's a Jungle out there!

We have a range of exciting activities planned both indoor and outdoor. 

Please do not forget to send in any WOW moments from home, we will add these into your child’s learning journey.  If you need more wow stars, just ask!

Happy spring break from Sunflower Class.

Shenstone Stepping Stones 
As a school we have created a new assessment system called Shenstone Stepping Stones and we use this bespoke system for Years 1 – 6. For pupils in Reception we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage. For both systems we use Learning Journeys that highlight and celebrate the progress that your child has made.