Daisy Class

Class Name: Daisy

Class Teacher: Nadia

Term: Summer

Date Completed: 19th April 2018

General Class info/introduction: 

Last term Daisy class had fun exploring our topic “Living in a material world” – We enjoyed exploring different materials and their properties. We explored ice melting, as well as what happens to different materials when they get wet. Daisy class mixed different ingredients together to make cookies, as well as experienced what jelly feels like when it is frozen. We also used different materials for mark-making like Lego blocks, straws, bubble wrap, cutlery and sponges. We especially enjoyed hunting for sticks on the field to build our house based on the “Three Little Pigs” story, while also making pigs using paper plates.

What we have been learning about this term: 

We are very excited about our topic this term which is; “It’s a Jungle Out there!” We will explore a range of animals. We will look at their eating habits and where they live. Daisy class will have an opportunity to learn about pets and wild animals. This will include our focus on stories like; “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” and “From Seed To Plant” which will inspire us to grow our own beanstalk.

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