Ofsted and Challenge Partners


"Pupils behave well. They learn in a place that is free from bullying. Staff respond skilfully to any situations that arise. This ensures that pupils are safe and cared for."

"Over time, pupils become increasingly confident and skilled in communicating with others."

"Staff understand how to support pupils’ pre-reading skills."

"Staff want pupils to have the very best chances and to be as independent as possible when they are older. They make sure that what pupils learn at Shenstone is purposeful and relevant."


Our last OFSTED inspection was in 2019 and we are due our next one soon. Find the last OFSTED Report at the bottom of the page.


Please find below relevant information from the Department for Education Performance Tables.


Shenstone Accountability

As a primary Academy, we would be expected to publish pupil progress. In our case the thresholds are rarely met by Shenstone pupils due to their cognitive ability and where it has, the number would be too low to publish and would be suppressed.

Having said this, our pupils at Shenstone School are amazing superstars who work very hard to achieve small and big steps of progress over time. They are supported by a dedicated staff team and we stand by our motto of “together we engage, thrive and achieve”.Shenstone School was inspected in October 2019 and the outcome is that we continue to be a ‘good’ school, where the children are happy and learning is made fun.


Challenge partners


Challenge Partners is a national partnership of schools and trusts who believe the best way to reduce educational inequality and enhance the life chances of children is to work together, to combine our wisdom.

It is a three-day, rigorous peer evaluation of teaching and learning, curriculum and outcomes, and leadership at all levels. It has a sharp focus on the experience of pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds or with additional needs

The mission is to reduce educational inequality and improve the life chances of all children. Through collaboration, challenge and leadership development, they are working to ensure every school community can benefit from the combined wisdom of the education system.

Each school hosts an annual review, and reciprocates by sending their senior leaders to review other schools in the network, providing continuous professional development for all leaders involved.

The latest Challenge partner report is at the bottom of the page.

"There is real clarity about what phonics and reading looks like for all pupils at Shenstone."

"Class teams are creative in providing stimulating and exciting learning opportunities."

"At Sidcup, the Early Years Foundation Stage is an excellent example of early years practice."

"Pupils’ physical development is a strength of the school."

Ofsted and Challenge Partners Date  
Ofsted Outcome Letter 07th Nov 2019 Download
Ofsted Report October 2019 07th Nov 2019 Download
Challenge Partners QAR Review Report 20th Jun 2024 Download