Personal Social & Emotional Development (PSED)

Have a teddy bears picnic -  Although we can’t go out there’s no reason you can’t have a picnic indoors or in the garden. Work together to create some food for the picnic, focusing on trying new foods and using tools carefully. Encourage your child to get some teddies – can you count how many you’ve got? Then give everyone at your picnic a plate – including the teddies!  Have lots of fun and imaginative play whilst enjoying your picnic.

Our Bodies - Children can use different body parts to make marks with.

Play Musical Statues and body part games such as ‘Simon Says’.  Play music and sounds games and when the music stops, adult to say a body part and children to point to corresponding part on own body.  Encourage children to develop their vocabulary during role play activities verbally or through Communication Books/PECS/SCERTS.  Sing songs such as ‘Head, Shoulders…’

Body Art - Children to make body part pictures and then add the body parts and count how many arms, legs, eyes the body has.