Phonics at Shenstone


At Shenstone School we use the Read Write Inc Program for teaching phonics for reading and writing. Teachers work with the Literacy Lead to identify children that will benefit from the Read Write Inc Program and they begin their phonics journey. Children learn through an individualised multi-sensory approach.


Teachers adapt the Read Write Inc Program to be meaningful for each child, for example rather than teaching a complete Read Write Inc lesson in one session, activities will be broken down into several activities throughout the school day.

All teaching staff within the school receive Phonics training to ensure that pure sounds are used in all classes.WBD

Children who are working at a pre-phonics level access the Shenstone Pathway to Phonics Program. This is a working document developed at Shenstone School that highlights activities that children at Shenstone School do on a daily basis to prepare for phonics learning. It also provides a bank of ideas for teachers to access for teaching pre-phonics skills e.g. Attention Group to develop attention skills, action songs to develop listening skills, dough disco to develop fine motor skills.


Need support to say the sounds correctly? Please watch this short video


Read write Inc parent image 

For more videos to support parents with Read Write Inc phonics, please click here