Annual Review Information

Under section 172 (5) of the code of Practice, Local Education Authorities are required to review annually each pupil who is the subject of an Education Health Care Plan (EHCP).

Pupils under the age of five years have review meetings every six months.

Pupils who are due to leave school may have a representative from the receiving school at the review meeting.

It is extremely important that you attend your child’s annual review meeting. Invitations to review meetings are sent out in advance of the date suggested. This is to ensure that parents have sufficient notice to enable them to contribute a parental report and make any necessary arrangements to attend the meeting. The class teacher prepares a draft report, which is sent to parents and professionals before the meeting.

The review meeting is held at the school with parents, staff and other professionals. A member of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) will chair the meeting. The draft report is discussed, including the targets which form the OWL (Overall, Wellbeing and Learning) goals for the next term/year which are agreed upon or amended where necessary.

Everyone is encouraged to attend.  The draft is then amended and a final copy is sent to all who attended the meeting as well as the Special Education Needs department at the relevant local authority. It is a function of the Annual Review to suggest EHCP changes where necessary.


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