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MOVE at Shenstone School

MOVE’s (Movement Opportunities Via Education) aim is to further develop students skills in functional sitting, standing, walking and transitions whilst accessing the curriculum and learning opportunities.

In Shenstone School MOVE celebrates what our children are able to do already and looks to build upon these foundations. With the support of parents/carers, class staff and other professionals, we as a multi-disciplinary team work together to agree meaningful goals which promote the student’s confidence and independence. Each goal is specific to the individual and could be holding their head up to indicate preference to kicking a ball to play with their siblings.

Each program is specifically tailored to the individual and is then embedded into their daily routine at school. This allows for the child to practice their new skills and ensure they are integrated into their daily life. 

Website for further information about the MOVE Programme -

See the journey of one of our students' on the MOVE Programme in the video below:





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