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Bexley Voice support Families of children with special needs and disabilities.

They offer support with:

  • SEN Support and EHC Plans - we will adapt this accordingly knowing all will have plans
  • Local and National organisations
  • The Bexley Local Offer



Furry Friday

Bentley is a 4-year-old black Labrador. Bentley has been assessed and supported by Jenny Duckworth, founder of The Dog Mentor programme. Bentley’s role in school is to build on previous work done by Animal Therapy and offer new opportunities to the pupils’ to develop a range of skills e.g. supporting engagement, physical development, communication and wellbeing.  Bentley started his role at the Sidcup site in October 2019. He comes in each Friday known as ‘Furry Friday’.


Bentley's Blog 01.12.2019

I have had a busy few weeks at school. I have been working with lots of new friends, some of my work has included:

  • Supporting some pupils to overcome a fear of dogs through gradual introductions and building up trust.
  • Supporting pupils to learn body parts – some found my legs!
  • Pupils using their communication skills to tell me what to do e.g. sit

I also came into work on the staff INSET day to support staff’s wellbeing, I was very popular and quickly worked out who the boss is!


Bentley's Blog 01.01.20

I had a busy December continuing to work with many pupils. I have spent time in classrooms with groups of pupils and am pleased I am such a popular member of the team.  There are a few pupils who are frightened of me (and other dogs) and this is my focus for this coming term. 

I had my final follow up assessment on Friday 10 January and I am proud to say I achieved my ‘Gold Award’. The Dog Mentoring Programme Founder, Jenny Duckworth, was delighted with the work I have been doing at Shenstone and could clearly see the positive impact I am having.  A special thank you to Mila from Sunflower class who unexpectedly came into the office during my review and took over! Mila really did show and tell Jenny how well I am helping pupils with their development. Thank you Mila.


Bentley's Blog 01.02.20

I have been busy planning my next few weeks’ work.  Teachers have been liaising with me about how I can support a few pupils that are fearful of dogs, and a plan is being put in place. Your pupils Class Teacher will keep you posted.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to be in school on a couple of Friday’s this month due to Kelly’s school commitments. I have had a word with her about this and it should not happen too often!


Bentley's Blog 01.03.20

I have been busy in school enjoying spending time with a number of pupils. My focus has been has been building up pupils’ confidence and I even had some lovely walks around school by some new friends. More photos coming soon!


Bentley's Update 01.07.20

Hi all, hope you are all well.

I have been busy enjoying the nice weather but cant wait to get back to my work at Shenstone on furry Fridays. Paws crossed I should be back next term!!

Sidcup will have new pupils joining the school in September and I can't wait to meet them. I am hoping that some of the pupils that already know me will be able to show them how I can support them. 

I hope you all have a lovely summer, I am hoping for lots of walks and rivers!

Woof woof



Bentley’s update 01.10.20

Bentley is sad to say he is still on Furry-lough – equivalent to Furlough but for woofers!

I have really missed working at Shenstone but the 'boss' has told me things are a little different in school now and we are working towards finding a safe way for me to be able to return.

In the meantime sending lots of tail wags to all my friends and hoping to be able to see you soon.



Hello from Bentley 01.12.20

So I am still missing you all at Shenstone and hopeful that I will be able to come back in the New Year. I have been enjoying lots of walks and adventures whilst on furry-lough and continuing my training.

Have a lovely Christmas...woof woof woof!



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