Oak Class

Class Name: Oak

Class Teacher: Serina and Leann

Term: Summer

Date Completed: 17.4.18

General Class info/introduction:

During the summer term our learning will be linked to Animal Magic! Most of the learning will be linked to books which include; The Hungry Caterpillar, Monkey Puzzle, Rosie’s walk and Owl babies, plus many non-fiction books. A list of key vocabulary will be sent home for the children to develop their learning and we will continue to use our attention time groups and teach sign language to support the children’s understanding.

What we have been learning about this term:

This exciting topic will look at life cycles of a butterfly and other animals, matching prints to the animal, classifying animals into groups, nocturnal animals and looking at how humans grow. This leads on nicely after the recent visit from the chicks! Within RE we will explore Noah’s Ark, Jonah and the Whale, Five loaves two fish and the Creation story. For art we are creating animal prints and our animals out of recycles material. We will also visit local animal statues and sculptures. Please point these out to the children if you see any and talk to the children about real animals and what they look like, where possible!

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