Expressive Art & Design

Lizzie’s Music and Dance lesson – All our pupils love Lizzie’s lesson and although she can’t be with the children in person her online class will hopefully spread some cheer. Follow the link/s to join in:

Part 1

Part 2

Decorate a rainbow – A lot of people are placing a rainbow in their front window to spread a bit of cheer for when people leave the house to do some exercise. Even if you do not place it up at your window, decorating a rainbow is a great art and opportunity for discussing colours. You could use a range of tools – get an old magazine and work together to carefully cut and use different coloured paper the colours or just grab some pens and work on copying the rainbow shape. Can you match the coloured pen to an object in your house? 

Art and Craft activities: Children to make pictures of themselves and their family by making marks using paints, pens, pencils.  Children can make collages using body parts from magazines and newspapers.  Children can make paper plate faces using different mark making tools and add hair, eyes.  Children and adults can make shadows in the garden using different body parts and using flour, sprinkle over hands and create an outline of different body parts such as hands and feet.    

Art design 1